Since it’s debut in FALL 2004, Sandoval is highly revered by the press and noted as “clearly the collection to watch” (WWD). Applauded for it’s smart design and quality craftsmanship, Sandoval insightfully enters the fashion marketplace as an attainable luxury collection. Referred to as a “diamond in the rough” by W Magazine, Sandoval’s modern take on ready to wear is based in the desire to create a new classic. Fashion Wire Daily commends Sandoval’s “commitment to a sexy, sensible, yet thoroughly modern kind of womenswear.”

Michael Carbaugh stands behind the Sandoval collection. Michael, who was born of German-Mexican heritage and raised in twelve states and in Germany, sources his inspiration from the varied locales and cultures that have once been home or travel destinations: combing the world’s beaches, hiking in the painted desert, and swimming the lakes of the world’s mountains. His grandmother’s chic elegance combined with a bohemian softness are perhaps Michael’s largest inspirations. His first assignment as a clothing designer counts back to elementary school where he first started experimenting with jersey. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in textile and fashion design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Under the careful eye of mentor Simon Ungless and the Academy’s commendable roster of educators, Michael graduated as a desirable asset to the fashion community. Since then, he worked for a number of reputable studios and design houses, including Paris-based renown forecast agency Studio Edelkourt – Trend Union, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs.

For some designers, the path to building one’s own label is circuitous. For Michael, it has always been a directed and intentional path of events. A true appreciation of the modern silhouette and particular attention to styling details suggests that each garment is customized to the individual wearer. Pieces from the collection are classics that can be worn everyday and stay with you for life. This intent to do things right is perhaps a hallmark of the path that has led him to create his own collection. These are clothes that are meant to be worn.

His understanding of a fiber’s hand is clear: each garment’s silhouette is skillfully draped, its shape defined by the material, never forced. Michael accredits his innovative textile design to his willingness to experiment with various processes to reveal fabrics’ inner beauty. His special washes are what make each garment special and unique. Yet, it is the feminine silhouette and in the end it’s wearer that is the main star of the collection.